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Virgo V review

Review in “Stereo” (Germany), October 2007

Wavecor custom 5” midrange receives fabulous critic in review of Virgo V, the latest creation from German High-Ender Audio Physic.

“.........Two of my favourite loudspeakers in this class, Audio Physic Virgo V reveiwthe B&W 804 S with the famous yellow driver, a design by the British manufacturer, which is not supported in place by a surround, as well as Dynaudio's Contour S 3.4 also walk the extra mile when it comes to the midrange unit. As a two-and-a half way design, the Dynaudio  does  not  feature  a specific midrange driver chassis, and yet each time I hear it I am impressed by its definition and neutrality. Fierce enemies the both of them, and so the Virgo was facing a hard battle loudspeaker. However, the loudspeaker fought  back  in the midrange unit and won on points. Blessed with tonal sonority and a wonderfully seamless transition to the woofer, the HHCM came out winner in the categories of resolution, precision and transparency. Even B&W’s yellow masterpiece could not hold a candle to the HHCM: it sounded slightly lumpy which was enough to make it seem heavier and less resolving of the musical texture. How on earth Dynaudio manages to achieve such a wonderfully airy and uninhibited sound reproduction despite the absence of a specific midrange design will remain the Danes’ secret. However, even the Contour had to step back in line when the Virgo turned on its charm sounding smooth, sweet and colourful.......”

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