SW310WA02     12” alu-cone subwoofer, 4 ohm   

Not available for new designs

SW310WA01  12 subwoofer

Our suggested replacement is the new SW312WA03 - please follow this link

March, 2015
This unit will soon be discontinued because the die casting tool for the used alu frame is no longer being maintained by the supplier. After many years of usage the tool is worn out and no new tool will be provided.
As a consequence Wavecor will soon be unable to deliver any of the 12” woofers built in this frame.
For now we have sufficient frames in stock to meet demand for a while but depending on incoming order the situation could change with short notice.

Therefore, this unit is no longer available to new customers/new designs and we strongly urge existing customers to consider shifting to the replacement model SW312WA03 as soon as possible.
For details about the differences between SW310WA02 and SW312WA03 please see this page.

Please contact us if any further information is required.

The SW310WA02 specifications are available here.
SW310WA01 specificationsHowever, the specifications are no longer maintained or updated and the accuracy can therefore not be guaranteed 100%.

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