Unique opportunities for OEM Speaker brands:
Save time - save cost

    If you have a requirement for high quality speaker systems, why not make the most of it, in the most convenient way, at the lowest possible cost?
    Wavecor Ltd., a Danish owned speaker specialist company in China, with experienced Danish management, is ready to take over.
Wavecor Ltd. is specialized in making high quality speaker system solutions:

  • Hi-Fi speaker systems
  • Home Theater speaker systems
  • Multimedia speaker systems
  • Complete car speaker sets
  • PA speaker systems
  • Active subwoofers
  • Empty high quality speaker cabinets
  • Sourcing of parts for speaker systems
Saving money using Wavecor

Cost savings quickly add up.

Speaker System

Benefit from our expertise and presence in China


Wavecor Ltd.
ChaDong 26, FuYi Road
ShiJi Town, PanYu
GuangZhou, GuangDong  511450
Tel.  +86 (20) 61943288
Fax  +86 (20) 61943118
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High quality and flexibility

We specialize in high quality speaker system turnkey solutions.


Wavecor Ltd. is a Chinese limited company established in 2005, majority owned by experienced Danish management.

Wavecor Ltd. is located in the GuangDong province of China, just north of Hong Kong. Guangdong is the area in China where the main part of the Chinese speaker industry is located. As a result, Wavecor Ltd. has easy access to all components required for manufacturing loudspeakers including all kinds of parts for completed speaker systems.
Manufacturing loudspeaker products in China improves your competitive edge because of the availability of high quality components at competitive prices combined with a skillful and effective work force. Combining the advantages of manufacturing in China with the know-how and market knowledge brought in from decades of experience in the Danish speaker industry, make up for an alternative that you cannot overlook.
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Hi-Fi speaker systems

Complete car speaker sets

Home theater speaker systems

Multimedia speaker systems

speaker systems


High quality speaker cabinets

System design services

Here is our focus:

High Quality -
High Flexibility

Many think of China as the place where cheap stuff is made and sold at a price next to nothing.
We think and work differently.
In China you still get outstanding value for your money - especially when significant labour content is involved, either in the finished products on in their components
At the same time there are many excellent craftsmen in China, for instance in wood working.
That’s why China in our opinion is the place to make high-end loudspeakers. In China it is possible to make labour intensive products, that only a few can afford if made in any other place.

Unlike most other speaker factories of today, Wavecor has a flexible approach when it comes to products and quantities. In other words we welcome large quantity enquiries as well as highly specialized enquiries where quantities are less.

Give us a try!

Active subwoofer
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