Wavecor evaluation kits. Kits including speaker units (drivers), cabinet, crossover, terminal cup. Easy way to evaluate the performance of Wavecor speaker units. Cabinets with high quality finish - ready for use in demo rooms and private homes.

Evaluation kits

Speaker Evaluation Kits - the quick way to evaluate the performance of Wavecor speaker units.

Wavecor-Eval.-Kit-1As our product line expands, we are making available a number of loudspeaker kits for evaluation purposes.
The purpose of these kits is to offer potential OEM customers a quick way of evaluating the performance and possibilities using Wavecor speaker units.
Besides, the evaluation kits are made available to private customers through the network of Wavecor distributors.

Generally, Wavecor evaluation kits consist of:

  • Speaker units
  • Completed cabinet in a high quality finish
  • Crossover
  • Terminal cup

Click here to view a complete list of available Evaluation Kits

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