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Welcome to the Wavecor August 2014 Newsletter.

This time we are launching some significant new product - products that several of our customer have been asking us to develop..

 New type of tweeter from Wavecor


Wavecor are now launching the new TW030WA11 (4 ohm) and TW030WA12 tweeters. They are featuring 30 mm textile domes with a front loading waveguide.
A wealth of features are incorporated, like unusually low resonance frequency and low voice coil inductance.
Thanks to the optimized waveguide the dispersion characteristic is well controlled and optimized to match that of woofers/ midranges that would most commonly be used as partners.
     Follow this link for more information

 4” die cast mid/woofers in truncated frames


Picture: WF120BD09

4” Mid/woofers WF120BD03 / WF120BD04 and WF120BD05 / WF120BD06 are some of our most popular products for compact high-end speakers.
Meeting the demand of the market we are now launching these transducers in versions with truncated frames. This allows customers to make even slimmer cabinets.
Please follow the links below for more information.
     WF120BD07 / -08, paper cone
     WF120BD09 / -10, paper/glass fibre cone

For any enquiries please feel free to contact us.


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