Published at Wavecor web site September 2013

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Wavecor’s latest tweeter design, the TW030WA09, tested in the 3-2013 issue of the
renowned German DIY audio magazine,
Hobby HiFi

“ . . . . . . The distortion level relative to the SPL is excellent from 2,000 Hz. This measurement also shows excellent low distortion at lowest volumes - surely a sign of excellent detail, resolution and dynamics. . . . . . . .”
“ . . . . . . Conclusion: With the TW030WA09 (and the 8 ohm version TW030WA10) Wavecor have again succeeded in improving their already excellent 30 mm tweeters. The moderate price of only 55 Euros should not distract from the fact that it is an excellent tweeter with high-end performance and magnificent price/performance ratio . . . . .”

[Freely translated from German by Wavecor]

For more please visit (German language)

September 2013



Published at Wavecor web site August 2013


Review of Audio Physic Classic 30
in Stereo magazine issue 9-2013

. . . . . . . When playing “Jacob’s Ladder” from the MFSL reissue of the old Rush album “Permanent Waves”, for example, the Classic 30, in which, unlike in the Classic 10 model, the woofer/midrange drivers do not have to deal with the actual bass thanks to the woofers, thus leading to a high level of detail and laid-back sound, excels with succulent pulses that do not, however, sound puffy or swollen. By doing so, it is able to reproduce the desired threatening mood of the piece, giving the electric  guitars full and heavy beats that enabled us to truly rock out to the hardrock anthem. . . . . . .
 . . . . .
It doesn’t have to exert itself and is able to remain unstrained and smooth, almost bordering on debonair, even at very high volumes. This quality is joined by the punchy character of the loudspeaker’s relatively large dome, which reproduces the explosive sound of clashing cymbals with full-
bodied conciseness. . . . . . . . .

Read the entire review (307 KB PDF)

August 2013



Published at Wavecor web site January 2013


Review of Audio Physic Classic 10 and Classic 20
in Stereo magazine issue 1-2013

. . . . . . . . “These drivers are obtained from the specialist company Wavecor, which also produces the drivers used in the top models of the loudspeaker manufacturer from the Sauerland region of Germany.” . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . “On the larger of the two Classic floorstanding loudspeakers, the audiophile qualities, not to mention the potency in the bass, have been further enhanced. By combining dynamic verve, precision and depth of tonal colour, the Classic 20 is already taking aim at higher price categories. Great sound and lots of loudspeaker for the money”. . . . . . . . .

Read the entire review (261 KB PDF)

January 2013



Published at Wavecor web site August 2012


TW022WA06 in Hobby HiFi
One of the latest Wavecor tweeter designs, the 22 mm TW022WA06, was one of the participants in a larger tweeter shoot-out in the August/September 2012 issue of the major German magazine Hobby HiFi.

The TW022WA06 came out with favourable conclusions (translated from German to the best of our abilities):

Conclusion: With the TW022WA06 Wavecor have succeeded in combining the best of two worlds
[Wavecor: Compromise between 3/4” and 1” sizes]. It can be crossed over at low frequencies without sacrificing dynamics and shows excellent radiation patterns up until the highest frequencies.”

August 2012



Published at Wavecor web site June 2011


Again, all drivers supplied by Wavecor!

. . . . . . . . “The drivers of the Avantera are well - known in the world of Audio Physic loudspeakers and are of the finest quality. As we have already seen in the Virgo 25 model, the Avantera also uses the “Hyper Holographic Cone” drivers that are made exclusively for Audio Physic by the specialist manufacturer Wavecor according to the specifications of chief designer Manfred Diestertich. These drivers stand out thanks to their low-resonance double basket construction, for example, in which metal and plastic complement each other. Indeed, listing all of the detailed solutions that can be found in the Avantera would stretch far beyond the limits of this test. Unlike the smaller model, the Avantera contains not one, but two "HHCM" midrange drivers, which are equipped with light voice coils with barely any eddy currents and” . . . . . . . . . .

June 2011


Click here to download the complete review (429KB PDF)


Published at Wavecor web site January 2011


Review of Eastern Electronics Norge Ultimo speaker using Wavecor drive units WF152BD01 and TW030WA06.
One more excellent review for Eastern Electronics powered by Wavecor drivers. This time in the AV MAX magazine issue December 2010.

 “. . . . . . We emphasise that the highs were clean without the usual rings but overall, the Ultimo paid a little more attention to a tight and intense bass delivery rather than supporting the region above the 2kHz mark with equal attention. A simple way to put it would be that tonality-wise, the speakers sounded well balanced but were a little more partial to the LF (low frequency) band.
Besides, the rubber surrounds of the mid-bass driver too helped in delivering plenty of accuracy in the bass region and because of large excursion capabilities, the musical dynamics in Annie Lennox’s ‘The Annie Lennox Collection’ were reproduced cleanly and without any physical strain on the speaker. Tonally, these bookshelves created a good impression on our minds.. . . . . . .”

January 2011


Click here to download the complete review (339KB PDF)


Published at Wavecor web site August 2010


Review of Indian high-end manufacturer Eastern Electronics’ NSW 100 MKII subwoofer using Wavecor drive units.

Eastern Electronics obtain yet another favourable review in the AV MAX magazine. This time for their NSW 100 MKII active subwoofer that uses a Wavecor SW178WA01 7” subwoofer driver and a Wavecor PR178WA01 passive radiator.

Here is the interesting part: the Norge subwoofer is priced at Rs 11,500, which makes it a very attractive deal. Yes, you might not get a pocket full of power, but the deep extension to the lower end and its accurate timing is what you can be proud of. Both these factors are equally important as compared to the power in a subwoofer as they will decide the overall character of your sound.”

August, 2010

Eastern Electronics subwoofer NSW 100 MKII

Click here to download the complete review (142KB PDF)


Published at Wavecor web site April 2010


Please come to visit us at the High End 2010 audio show in Munich Germany from May 6 to 9, 2010.
The show is as usual held at the M. O. C. Munich exhibition centre and as for the past years Wavecor will participate as exhibitor.

Our booth is:
Wavecor Ltd., Halle 3, Booth E04

Together with the complete line of our Balanced Drive woofers we will, like before, use this event to show some completely new and innovative products.

The High End 2010 will be the first time ever that the world gets news about a completely new 22 mm soft dome tweeter with ground breaking performance improvements. On display there will also be a prototype of an new extreme 8” subwoofer driver in the Balanced Drive product line.

April, 2010

Wavecor at High End 2010

Click the image above to download floor plan for finding Wavecor (401KB PDF file)

If you don’t know where the M. O. C. Munich exhibition centre is this Google Earth file will show you.
Download here.


Published at Wavecor web site December 2009


Wavecor to exhibit at CES 2010

For the first time in our history Wavecor will participate as exhibitors at CES, the major Consumer Electronics Show, held annually in Las Vegas in early January.
The show dates are January 7-10, 2010.
Visit the official CES web site here.
Wavecor will be part of the exhibits of our North American distributor, World Audio Distribution, and we will be located at the Venetian Hotel Las Vegas, floor 29, suite 29-329.
We will be showing a large variety of our loudspeaker transducers, including the latest Balanced Drive product line.
We will be onsite and prepared to answer any questions you may have.
Feel free to make prior appointments by contacting us here.

          Looking forward to seeing everybody! 

December, 2009


Click the image above to download floor plan (594KB PDF)



Published at Wavecor web site December 2009

December, 2009


Audio Physic Stereo 1/2010

Audio Physic Tempo 25 Anniversary review: Upgraded with the latest Wavecor custom drive units.

“Audio Physic is turning 25 and to celebrate this occasion the loudspeaker expert is producing a special edition of its successful Tempo model, which contains several special enhancements such as a tweeter [manufactured by Wavecor] that's a cut above the rest.”

. . . . . . . . “There is little room for improvement in the well-developed Tempo. Nevertheless, Audio Physic has hit the nail on the head with the special features of the “25”, finally pairing the excellent midrange driver with its equivalent tweeter.” . . . . . . . . .

Click here to download the complete review (2.8MB PDF)

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