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Latest Wavecor Products - now available

Despite the current anormallities around the world, Wavecor have kept focus on creativity and product development. Below you will find the results of our latest efforts. All new items are now in stock for sampling.
More new products are on the way so stay tuned!

New 10" mid/woofer
In a very rigid die cast frame, with Balanced Drive motor structure, plus all the performance enhancing features you have come to expect from Wavecor.
A true master for larger 2- and multi-way monitors.         Details


New 22 mm tweeters
Yet again improving on what can be obtained from a 22 mm textile tweeter in terms of sensitivity, low- and high frequency extension, and in perceived detail and clarity.
Beating most of those 1” and 3/4” tweeters out there.   Details  


New 3” fullrange
A beefed up sibling of our existing FR070 fullrange family.
We increased voice coil diameter and increased linear travel and suspension travel. The result is lower resonance and almost real bass in a very small package.                     Details

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