WF138WA04   5" ferrite mid/woofer, 8 ohm - OEM ONLY



This unit has been discontinued because production quantities have dropped to a point, where it is no longer feasible to maintain or produce it as a current product.

As a consequence, this unit, and the parts used to build it, are no longer stocked or maintained. Another consequence is that it is no longer being offered through our retail channels.
Additionally, specifications are no longer being updated.

As there are no design flaws, technical problems, or other weaknesses of this product, it is still available for manufacturers to order, provided that required Minimum Order Quantities are accepted.
Please contact us for further information.

The original specifications are available here.
TW022WA01 & -02 specificationsHowever, the specifications are no longer maintained or updated and the accuracy can therefore not be guaranteed 100%.

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