SW223BD01    8" die cast, alu cone subwoofer, 4 ohm - OEM ONLY


This unit has been replaced by the SW223BD02, which is a very similar 8" subwoofer unit in terms of specifications and looks.

The SW223BD02 is considered an upgrade over the SW223BD01 for most applications although there are certain cases, where the SW223BD01 might still be preferred.
The main improvement implemented on the SW223BD02 is a new surround that is not only wider but also more stable than the surround used for SW223BD01. This means more cone travel is possible on SW223BD02 while the surround remains unconditionally stabile.

For those preferring to use the SW223BD01 we are still making it available as long as the applied Minimum Order Quantities are observed.
Please contact us for further information.

Follow this link to SW223BD01 specifications

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