Press Release April 5, 2008

Wavecor-logoGuangZhou, China
April, 2008

Wavecor to announce major new products at the Munich High End Show

With official launch dates set for April 24-27, 2008, Wavecor will introduce a number of new high-end drive units at the High End Audio Show in Munich, Germany.

For the first time Wavecor will this year participate at the High End Show in Munich as exhibitors and will use the event for introducing new products as well as showing support for its increasing number of European OEM customers and distributors. The Munich show runs April 24 to 27 and is considered the main high end audio event in Europe. Wavecor will be showing in Hall 3, booth A11.

The new Wavecor products will include a completely new ultimate tweeter design: A 30mm textile dome tweeter powered by a large ferrite motor. The design is unique in the way that it features no less than three internal pressure equalizing chambers. This design not only offers unseen low resonance for a high frequency driver but additionally audible distortion is almost non-existent. This new tweeter design is a “must try” for all manufacturers and DIYs building high-end two-way speakers. More info available here.

Other main product news is a line of new mid/woofers, sized 4", 5", and 6”. The entire line is built in round steel frames and have new progressive suspensions while still offering lower resonance frequency than the previous Wavecor mid/woofers. The new line features standard Wavecor improvements like large motor, 32mm voice coils, alu shorting rings for field stabilization Cones spiders, and glass fiber bobbins. More info available here:
WF118WA01/02  4", 4/8 ohm
WF146WA01/02  5", 4/8 ohm
WF168WA01/02  6", 4/8 ohm

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Looking forward to meeting you in Munich in April!

Wavecor Ltd.

Press Release January 15, 2008

Wavecor-logoGuangZhou, China
January, 2008

Wavecor now more widely available.

Wavecor Ltd., the technology focused loudspeaker transducer manufacturer with Danish roots, is announcing a major extension of its global reach.

The company, located in the southern GuangZhou of China, has since its foundation in 2005 gradually been building a network of highly specialized and committed distributors.

With immediate effect Wavecor is now announcing the signing of a new major distribution cooperation for Central European countries: The Swiss company Cattaneo Acoustics will take over distribution of Wavecor products in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, and Italy. Cattaneo Acoustics will not only take on building a network of dealers in the mentioned countries but will be stocking all Wavecor standard products locally in order to offer speedy and cost effective delivery of Wavecor drive units to smaller speaker system manufacturers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, and Italy.

Remo Cattaneo, owner of Cattaneo Acoustics, has this to say: “We have been in this line of business for over a decade but have recently been looking for a real top line of speaker units for all our customers in Europe. Taking on Wavecor as our main brand will be a very important boost for our business and for all our local customers. We are extremely pleased with the deal and are certain that Wavecor and Cattaneo Acoustics will prove a very powerful combination.”

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Wavecor Ltd.

Press Release October 3, 2006

Wavecor-logoGuangZhou, China
October 3, 2006

Wavecor - New high end speaker unit manufacturer.

In recent years the number of independent high end speaker unit manufacturers globally tended to be reducing. This trend has now been reversed.

Wavecor is a new company specializing in high quality speaker units for the industry and for private Do-It-Yourself hobbyists. Besides, Wavecor is offering a complete speaker system turnkey solution package for the industry.

Wavecor is located and registered in the southern GuangDong province of China; an area where a major share of all loudspeaker and loudspeaker component manufacturing is taking place today. “Here we have access to the high quality components required for our production as well as the sources for employing a skilled labor force. At the same time this location allows us to keep costs at a competitive level. The area offers generally good infrastructure and easy exporting of our products”.

So while the key people behind Wavecor are of Danish origin with a long history in the Danish loudspeaker unit industry, they have realized that China is the place for making loudspeakers today. Especially high quality loudspeakers that usually require more labor intense processes.
“Even though there is still being assembled loudspeakers in Europe and North America, almost everyone get their components from suppliers in China anyway. So why not take the consequence and locate your operation in China?”

Wavecor is now announcing it’s first lines of loudspeaker with some very interesting products including a high end 30mm dome tweeter and neodymium-magnet woofers.

Besides the range of standard products that Wavecor has and continues to expand, the company is flexible and welcomes industry customers’ special requirements: Custom designed products with guaranteed exclusivity.

For more information please visit the company’s web site at