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Welcome to the Wavecor May 2012 Newsletter.


Please come to visit us at the High End 2011 audio show in Munich Germany from May 3 to 6, 2012!
The show is as usual held at the M. O. C. Munich exhibition center and like the past years Wavecor will participate as exhibitor.
Wavecor will be there together with Iris Strassacker, Lautsprechershop, our general distributor for Central Europe.
Our location is: Wavecor Ltd., Hall 3, Booth F1
High End web site here

Together with several of our well-known drive units we will, like before, use this event to show some completely new and innovative products.

Latest products
These drivers were shown last year and are now in full scale production and excelling by showing a quicker market penetration than expected. 

Wavecor TW022WA06
Wavecor FR090WA01
Wavecor WF090WA01

22 mm textile dome tweeter with low resonance. Ferrite magnet.
Specifications here

3” fullrange, alu cone, 100-25,000 Hz. Ferrite magnet.
Specifications here

3” mid/woofer, paper cone. Ferrite magnet.
Specifications here

Brand new products
The small 2” fullranges FR070WA03 (4 ohm) and FR070WA04 (8 ohm) are the latest Wavecor products now in production.
With their efficient ferrite magnet designs they have already proven attractive compared to more traditional designs, which often use neodymium magnets. With the neodymium prices becoming highly unstable these new Wavecor designs have already become multimedia favourites.

Wavecor FR070WA03

2” fullrange, alu cone, 100-25,000 Hz. Ferrite magnet.
Specifications here

News - sneak preview
During the High End show we will reveal a couple of new drivers never shown before. They will be available for mass production during the next few months.

Wavecor TW030WA09
Wavecor FR084WA01

TW030WA09 / TW030WA10, 4 / 8 ohm
Completely new 30 mm tweeter design with new high grade textile dome.
Preliminary info here

3” fullrange, alu cone, 100-25,000 Hz. Ferrite magnet. Same design and material choices as FR070WA03/04
Preliminary info here

For any enquiries please feel free to contact us.


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