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Welcome to the Wavecor January 2008 Newsletter.

First we would like take this opportunity to wish all our Newsletter Subscribers a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Wavecor distribution expands in Europe.
Cattaneo-AcousticsThis time we are particular happy to announce that we have taking a major step to ensure easier access to our products and services in Central Western Europe. Wavecor has made an agreement with Cattaneo Acoustics about distribution of Wavecor products in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, and Italy.
Cattaneo Acoustics will in the coming months be building a complete network of Wavecor dealers in the mentioned countries for serving the local DIY markets. We will keep our distributors web page updated so please check back.
Besides, as Cattaneo Acoustics will be stocking all Wavecor standard products, they are an ideal partner for smaller OEM manufacturers.
Please read more here.

Evaluation Kit 5 now launched.
5” 2-way hi-fi bookshelf monitor. Cabinet, crossover, drive units available separately. Alternatively the kit may be purchased assembled and tested for EvalKit-5evaluation purposes. Click here for details.


Wavecor TW030WA01


Wavecor WF138WA02


Internal vol.: 7 lit.
WxHxD: 170 x 300 x 238mm
Ported design (rear).
Finish: Real-wood veneer (Rosenut)


Low pass section: 2nd order.
High pass section: 4th order.

New products: Two more passive radiators to match our active subwoofer units. PR178WA01  7” and PR310WA01  12”.

Customer tune-able!

Due to low mechanical losses and yet very stable suspensions both models master equally well low level details and extreme dynamic requirements.
For demanding subwoofer applications using a passive unit is usually the only real alternative to sealed enclosures with active bass boost.
To make experimenting and individual tuning convenient and easy, all Wavecor passive radiators are delivered with three separate extra loads that are easily applied onto a threaded rod on the rear side of the cone
Click the pictures for more information.


Picture: PR178WA01  7” (top) and PR310WA01  12” passive radiators

German Audio Physic did it again: Wins yet another remarkable review using Wavecor drivers.

The new Audio Physic Yara II Superior is powered by three Wavecor drive units. A custom built 5” mid/woofer and two custom built 7” subwoofers.
The German magazine HomeVision wrote:
........”When put to the test, the mids never sounded compressed and the full details came through, even at high levels.
The woofers are able to hold a candle to the midrange drivers. In fact, woofers with such a design and configuration cannot be bought at bargain prices nor can they be found in the bargain box of the world-wide chassis market. A generously cut drill hole through the pole piece as well as holes drilled into the coil former allow for good ventilation. This design feature speeds the removal of heat, generated at high volumes, from the voice coil”.............
More here.


For any enquiries please feel free to contact us.

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