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Welcome to the Wavecor April 2007 e-mail Newsletter - second issue ever published.

First we would like to thank you all for taking time to subscribe to our e-mail Newsletter. Since our first Newsletter issue in October we have seen a large number of new subscribers and are still seeing a steady growth.

Wavecor still has only a very limited number of official distributors. However, we are currently negotiating with potentials in several countries, so hopefully you will soon have easier access to buying our products locally.

Now offering the SW263WA, extreme 10” subwoofer.

SW263WA01-subwooferFor those that are into really serious deep bass, the SW263WA is the answer. With its 2” voice coil, very rigid die cast frame, and huge ventilated motor system, sub-bass  does not get any more serious than this.
Specification examples:
Res. freq.: 20 Hz
Moving mass: 148 g
Vas:  52 lit.
Please follow the link below for complete specifications.
SW263WA01  10” die cast, alu cone subwoofer

First Wavecor driver Evaluation Kit is now available.

Evaluation-Kit-1The Evaluation Kit 1 is now available from stock. Click here for complete details.
Evaluation Kits are completed speaker systems designed by Wavecor. The main purposes of the kits are to let OEM customers have an easy and quick way to evaluate the potential of Wavecor drive units.
Secondly, the Evaluation Kits are also made available to private DIY customers through our dealer network. In this way, the kits are purchased unassembled but with all parts (drivers, cabinet, crossover) included in the package. Wavecor Evaluation Kits are not commercially available as completed products.
Spending large amounts of time and resources on developing the kits proves Wavecor’s commitment to offer both OEM customers and private DIY customers a new and outstanding level of service.

Wavecor in Voice Coil Magazine

Wavecor-in-Voice-Coil-MagazineThe leading periodical in the global loudspeaker industry, Voice Coil Magazine, published a full-page article about Wavecor in their February 2007 issue.
We take it as a great compliment that this important magazine decided to use so significant amounts of editorial space on describing about Wavecor and Wavecor products.
We see it as an indication that the speaker business welcomes us as a new serious contester in the high-end driver business, where choices otherwise have been reduced lately.
Click this link to download the complete article (1MB PDF).

Other new products
WF138WA03 (8ohm version of WF138WA01)
WF138WA04 (8ohm version of WF138WA02)
TS030TU01 (complete car tweeter set incl. mountings)

For any enquiries please feel free to contact us.

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